WERTTEILE 45AH 400A L+ 207X175X190

41.00 €
Id: 7039
Akumulatora ietilpība [Ah]: 45
CCA strāva EN [A]: 400
Grīdas līstes izpildījums:: B13
Polu izvietojums: 0(-/+)
Garums [мм]:: 207
Platums [мм]:: 175
Augstums [mm]:: 190

Palora Themes 08/05/2018

It’s both good and bad. If Nikon had achieved a high-quality wide lens camera with a 1 inch sensor, that would have been a very competitive product. So in that sense, it’s good for us. But actually, from the perspective of driving the 1 inch sensor market, we want to stimulate this market and that means multiple manufacturers.

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